Volunteer Policy
Salisbury Community Hub for Ukraine
(hereafter “the Hub”)

Introduction: the Salisbury Community Hub for Ukraine exists to provide support to Ukrainian refugees and their host families in Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

The Hub is run solely by volunteers, (though may on occasion bring in paid experts for particular pieces of our work). Our volunteers are therefore critical to our success.

While our external focus as an organization must be on our Ukrainian guests and the host families who were are here to help, our success thus depends on us putting equal care into the well-being of those who are here to provide that service, our volunteers.  

By adopting this policy document, the Salisbury Community Hub for Ukraine aims to

In all our dealings with volunteers, we will

  • treat our volunteers fairly, consistently and with respect, encourage their ideas and value and celebrate their contributions;
  • never pressurise volunteers to do something they do not wish to do;
  • recognise the importance of confidentiality in how we store any personal information and fully comply with the Data Protection Act;
  • ensure that volunteers can always raise any concerns in a way which is comfortable for them and provide them with clear instructions on how to do this;
  • ensure that volunteers are clear about their roles, and the support available to them through an effective induction supported by written information, and further training where appropriate;
  • cover any expenses they incur on behalf of the Hub (subject to an agreed process for 

prior approval of those expenses)

  • seek to ensure our equality, diversity and inclusion aims are achieved within the broader volunteer group through development of our recruitment processes as the Hub develops.

Roles: A written description of each role will be provided to each volunteer. It will include:

  •  a description of the role with information about how it sits within the organisation and an indication of the likely time commitment;
  • indications of what the organisation expects from the volunteer in terms of conduct and adherence to policies;
  • a list of the policy documents which support the document (and which will be made available at the time of induction), health and safety requirements and a discussion in particular about their role in safeguarding;
  • indications of the skills needed;
  • specific information on induction and any training;
  • the name of the person taking responsibility for them and their area of activity, and

the name of the designated person with overall responsibility for volunteers

Where appropriate it will also provide information on claiming expenses.

Recruitment:  Any new volunteer role will be offered via the weekly email sent out to everyone on the mailing list. If a particular skill set is required, it may be necessary to look more widely. We intend to review and if necessary enhance the recruitment process as the organisation matures to ensure we adhere fully to our equalities and diversity policy.

Induction and Training: all volunteers will have a meeting with the person responsible to talk about the role and the supporting documents and policies. Where appropriate a specific training programme will be devised in conjunction with the volunteer, and will be confirmed in the written document, to be signed by both sides. In the majority of cases, we anticipate that training will come from on-the- job support from more experienced colleagues.

Supervision: all volunteers will be clear who is responsible for them and the area/activity in which they are involved, and to whom they should go in the first instance if they have any concerns.

Problem solving: while in the majority of case it should be possible for any concerns to be dealt with by the nominated supervisor, all volunteers will be made aware that there is someone with specific responsibility for volunteers to whom they can also talk. In practice, all members of the Management team or Steering Group can, of course, be approached informally at any time.

Expenses: any expenses which are incurred on behalf of the Hub should be cleared with the supervisor before they are actioned.

Health and safety, risk assessment and safeguarding: the Hub has committed to the Salisbury Methodist Church Health and Safety Policy. Every role will be assessed by the designated person responsible for risk assessment and safeguarding, and the assessment shared with the volunteer. Where necessary a DBS check will be conducted. The volunteer will be given the opportunity to discuss any specific health requirements they may have at the time of their induction.

Equality, diversity and inclusion: a separate policy exists to cover this area.

Approved by the Steering Group:                           Last updated, June 2022