Weekly Update – July 1st 2022

We have had an interesting week with several activities starting in July which we hope you will sign up for and enjoy. A separate email will be going out in both languages, about the activities offered for children and teenagers.

Bureaucracy and the processing of applications seem to be taking up a lot of everyone’s time at the moment. There are a few issues that are challenging even the most patient, including the obtaining of Biometric Passports. We are trying to determine the clearest procedure for this, without both host families and Ukrainians having to visit different visa offices and queuing for hours for often fruitless appointments. The process seems to have changed in recent weeks, so as soon as we have this information (or indeed if any of you have advice and experience that you wish to share) we will send it through to you.

Links to helpful websites and organisations

This is the link for the mandatory self-declaration forms that hosts need to complete to receive the £350 thank you payment www.wiltshire.gov.uk/homes-for-ukraine
This is the email address for citizens advice if anyone needs support with benefit applications: info@citizensadvicewiltshire.org.uk

Employment opportunities:

We believe there are still a number of vacancies in and around Salisbury in the hospitality sector.

Also, we have heard from Wiltshire County Council


Normally, support workers would need access to a car to work for the Reablement service, but currently the Council is saying they will also provide cars for workers as long as the latter have a driving licence. It might also be possible to allocate work within the Salisbury/local area.


English Language Classes – Thursday and Friday mornings at the Hub

Life in the UK
Following the assessments last Thursday by the ESOL team at Wiltshire Council, a group of intermediate and upper intermediate learners have been accepted onto the 4 week course Life in the UK. This will run at the Hub on Thursday and Friday mornings from 10 – 12, for 4 weeks.

The team at the Council will have sent an email to those of you who were registered on this course last Thursday. Please come at 10am on 7th July to commence this 4 week course.

Beginner Classes!
A number of you cheerfully confirmed that you were beginners in English which is great. Many of you have already been attending our Thursday and Friday morning small and informal sessions at the Hub and we hope these have been both enjoyable and helpful.

We are pleased to confirm that these will continue in a separate area of the Hub, so please come as usual at 10am next Thursday and stay in the entrance area where we normally meet. Fiona and Wendy will look after you.
On Fridays, at 11am you can also have a class with Kat as usual.

If you have any questions please send these to Wendy and myself at:

Pantry Partnership!
Starting on Monday July 18th – Cooking, eating, chatting at the Pantry Partnership.
Following our cooking day on June 3rd, we are now offering a regular Monday cooking session at the Pantry Partnership in Victoria Park.
This is for adults only and will follow the same format as before:
Bring your own ingredients and recipes, an apron and a baking tray and come to the kitchen from 10am – 2pm.
You can either stay and eat what you have baked with the group or you are welcome to take it home to your families.
If you are interested please send a message to admin@salisburyukrainehub.org.uk.
Places are limited to 10 each session.
The flyer is attached giving you all the dates from July through to the end of August.

Community Café
Please find attached the post for the Community Café which is open each Tuesday from 10 – 12 midday.

The Café welcome all and free coffee, tea and cakes are offered.
The café is staffed sby the Community Development Officer for Salisbury City Council and Dot Kwanda – a volunteer but also an ex-city employee and Consellor, along with other volunteers who have a wealth of experience.
Some regular visitors use the space to meet with their support workers from Wiltshire County Council, Mind and other statutory agencies. Whilst they may be busy with their regular clients, this is an opportunity to access their support and instant referrals for help can be made.

HealthCare and Dental Care

Please find the information flyer in Ukrainian by clicking the link below.


We know that dental care is a real issue -it is for the whole of the UK! We are researching possible clinics that have space and which can offer Ukrainians an early appointment. Again, once we have this information we will inform you.
Uncoming concerts
Friday 1 to Sunday 10 July – Frome Festival which includes –
Frome Consort – Baroque Concertos; Musick in the Ayre – Latin Baroque;
Alison Townley (violin) and Damien Knollys (cello) Bach.
Full details at fromefestival.co.uk

Friday 15 to Sunday 17 July in Salisbury Cathedral and St Thomas’s Church
Southern Cathedrals Festival, which will include:
Gesualdo 6 Byrd, Purcell and Tallis
Selections from Bach’s 48 Preludes and Fugues
Elizabeth Kenny, lute
Full details at southerncathedralsfestival.org